Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Harrostone Session 5 GM Notes

Location: Ravengro

It was the night Ravengro died.

It was the night that the monsters lurking in the depths of the hellish prison ruins broke their bonds. A night of blood and screams, of death and despair. The veil between worlds was torn, and all manner of…things…flocked to the doomed town. Some to slaughter, some to feed, others with more unspeakable motivations.

They say that there were those who tried to avert the disaster, adventurers and mercenaries from beyond Ustlav’s borders. But this dark nation holds its secrets well, and there are few who can stand against the ancient evils of this land. They failed, and their spirits no doubt haunt the wreckage of that cursed town to this day.

A few heeded the call to flee, but not enough. You can still hear the echos of their screaming today. You can feel the darkness thicken like cobwebs the closer you get to Ravengro. Something broods there in the shadows…a twisted, malevolent evil presence that blights the land for miles around. What new horrors lurk in the ruins of Ravensgro, waiting to descend on the unsuspecting world?

  • Ok, wow. TPK. I did not expect the campaign to take that turn.
  • New player characters will be added to the character’s tab. Don’t forget you can earn gold and hero points for writing character journals, turning in character backgrounds, portraits, etc.
  • Of the party, only Ojinu survived. He managed to rescue Kendra Lorrimore. Fleeing northward for the safety of Lepidstadt, they met and joined a band of adventurers on the road who were travelling to town on the rumor that the famed Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured and will be executed.
  • The group met the Crooked Kin, a travelling circus sideshow who had lost a member to the surrounding bogs. While the attempted rescue was a failure (the victim was already dead), the Kin were nonetheless grateful and offered the party a place in their caravan.


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