Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Harrowstone Session 4 GM Notes

Location: Ravengro

  • After tonight, your current XP level is 2835 (I forgot to give you XP for successfully meeting with Vesnorianna). You are still Level 2.
  • You went back to Harrowstone Prison and encountered more unquiet spirits and haunts (most of you bear the ugly scars of a pair of haunted branding irons), but most importantly you made contact with the ghost of the dead warden’s wife, Vesorianna. Through conversation with her, you found out how to lay the ghosts of Harrowstone to rest, and free her from her bondage here on earth.
  • You fought your way to the entrance to the basement, destroying the troublesome poltergeist in the ruined infirmary, and quieting the haunted furnace Ember Maw once again. You now stand poised to begin the final assault on the evil spirits haunting the Prison.

Player Notes

  1. A new section was added to the wiki, a random assortment of Ustlav Lore.
  2. Don’t forget you can earn gold and hero points for writing character journals, turning in character backgrounds, portraits, etc.


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