Carrion Crown Adventure Path

Harrostone Session 5 GM Notes
Location: Ravengro

It was the night Ravengro died.

It was the night that the monsters lurking in the depths of the hellish prison ruins broke their bonds. A night of blood and screams, of death and despair. The veil between worlds was torn, and all manner of…things…flocked to the doomed town. Some to slaughter, some to feed, others with more unspeakable motivations.

They say that there were those who tried to avert the disaster, adventurers and mercenaries from beyond Ustlav’s borders. But this dark nation holds its secrets well, and there are few who can stand against the ancient evils of this land. They failed, and their spirits no doubt haunt the wreckage of that cursed town to this day.

A few heeded the call to flee, but not enough. You can still hear the echos of their screaming today. You can feel the darkness thicken like cobwebs the closer you get to Ravengro. Something broods there in the shadows…a twisted, malevolent evil presence that blights the land for miles around. What new horrors lurk in the ruins of Ravensgro, waiting to descend on the unsuspecting world?

  • Ok, wow. TPK. I did not expect the campaign to take that turn.
  • New player characters will be added to the character’s tab. Don’t forget you can earn gold and hero points for writing character journals, turning in character backgrounds, portraits, etc.
  • Of the party, only Ojinu survived. He managed to rescue Kendra Lorrimore. Fleeing northward for the safety of Lepidstadt, they met and joined a band of adventurers on the road who were travelling to town on the rumor that the famed Beast of Lepidstadt has been captured and will be executed.
  • The group met the Crooked Kin, a travelling circus sideshow who had lost a member to the surrounding bogs. While the attempted rescue was a failure (the victim was already dead), the Kin were nonetheless grateful and offered the party a place in their caravan.
Harrowstone Session 4 GM Notes
Location: Ravengro
  • After tonight, your current XP level is 2835 (I forgot to give you XP for successfully meeting with Vesnorianna). You are still Level 2.
  • You went back to Harrowstone Prison and encountered more unquiet spirits and haunts (most of you bear the ugly scars of a pair of haunted branding irons), but most importantly you made contact with the ghost of the dead warden’s wife, Vesorianna. Through conversation with her, you found out how to lay the ghosts of Harrowstone to rest, and free her from her bondage here on earth.
  • You fought your way to the entrance to the basement, destroying the troublesome poltergeist in the ruined infirmary, and quieting the haunted furnace Ember Maw once again. You now stand poised to begin the final assault on the evil spirits haunting the Prison.

Player Notes

  1. A new section was added to the wiki, a random assortment of Ustlav Lore.
  2. Don’t forget you can earn gold and hero points for writing character journals, turning in character backgrounds, portraits, etc.
Harrowstone Session 3 GM Notes
Location: Ravengro
  • After tonight, your current XP level is 2235. You all have leveled to Level 2! Be sure to bring a leveled character next week.
  • You delved into Harrowstone Prison, but quickly encountered unquiet spirits and haunts that threatened you every step of the way. Most disturbing were the runes carved on the outside of the building’s foundation – runes that emitted a faint whispering when you got closer.
  • Recovering papers from the prison’s office, you researched more information regarding the five very dangerous prisoners that were present in the prison at the time of the fire. You specifically found out more information on the Mosswater Marauder, but there are others.
  • Narrowly escaping the ruins, you returned to town to recover and plan your next assault of Harrowstone Prison.
Harrowstone Session 2 GM Notes
Location: Ravengro
  • After tonight, your current XP level is 1389.
  • The current in-game year is 4713 AR (Absalom Reckoning). It is Fireday, Lamashan 3rd (in our terms, its Thursday, October 3rd, 4713. See the Golarion Calendar)
  • Due to their heroic actions on behalf of the people, the townsfolk are now friendly to the party (only neutral toward the drow Talae, due to racism on their part). Everyone receives a 5% discount at all town stores, and all Diplomacy checks in the town are made at a +2
  • Altered Kimberly’s character’s name slightly, so that its spelling is more in line with how we were pronouncing it. Taela is the correct spelling.
Welcome to the Carrion Crown
Location - Town of Ravengro, Ustlav

The story so far -

Somehow, in life you all knew the late Professor Petros Lorrimor. You have been summoned to the town of Ravengro in western Ustlav, for the funeral and the reading of his will.

Those who attended the funeral were accosted by local thugs, accusing the Professor of witchcraft, or worse. Having run them off, the group proceeded with the burial. Afterwards, his will was read, stipulating that each member of the group would receive a large sum of gold if they would stay in Ravengro for a month, to see if his only daughter Kendra would be ok, and to discreetly deliver certain tomes in his collection to colleagues at the University of Lepidstadt.

The group began an investigation into strange events and happenings in the town, which seem to be centered on the old haunted ruins of Harrowstone Prison, which brood ominously on a hill outside of town.


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