Journaling Rewards

“The University of Lepidstadt is asking that those who knew Professor Lorrimar keep journals on their activities while they uncover the mystery of his death. For each journal entry submitted, they will pay the author a sum of gold, or submit an offering to the gods in the main temple of Lepidstadt in their honor.”

Its back! I loved it when I used to offer rewards for writing in-character journals. It was a great way of tracking the campaign, and fun to go back and read.

I want to offer rewards for journaling again. Since we all level at the same time, XP rewards are out. So I came up with the following:

Rules: Journals don’t have to be long affairs, a couple of paragraphs is fine. Please submit them to me via email (or I’ll figure out how you can add to the Adventure log here) and I’ll get them posted. For each character journal posted, I’ll pay you 100 x Character Level in gold OR you may receive a free Hero Point for the next game session.

Journaling Rewards

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